Our Story

Like many rural families and businesses across New Zealand, we take great pride in caring for our land and water resources.

Our commitment to clean water, flourishing gardens, and trees abundant with bird song fuels our dedication to making a tangible difference to water quality and the environment in New Zealand.

We design our wastewater treatment systems to address practical and ecological challenges in tandem with changing council regulations, Ecocycle systems are designed to be:

  1. Simple to install (eliminating guesswork).
  2. Naturally aerated using proven and reliable technology, eliminating the need for noisy, power-hungry mechanical aerators.
  3. Council-approved, affordable, odorless, and quiet.

At the core of the Ecocycle design is a profound consideration for the environment. From the quiet and odorless operation to the eco-friendly functionality and minimal ongoing electrical costs (unbeatable at only $2.72 per month), Ecocycle systems have become the preferred choice for rural property owners.

We collaborate with property owners to irrigate and recycle high-quality treated water into planted or grassed areas.

Our commitment extends beyond delivering a superior product; we pride ourselves on providing exceptional service. Each day, we feel privileged to be part of an industry that raises awareness and protects the water quality and environment of New Zealand.

Driven by nature, for nature

Ecocycle Limited is a 100% New Zealand company owned and operated by Kris Cambourn. Our sales, manufacturing, and accredited servicing team are staunch supporters of the company’s ethos and mission statement, ensuring a commitment to:

  1. Product Superiority
  2. Service Excellence
  3. Added value and competitive advantage
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